About the University of Aizu Home Page

This is the official website of the University of Aizu. This site is administered by The University of Aizu Website Administration Subcommittee #1.


If you plan to add our website URL to yours as a link, please contact us at the e-mail address mentioned below. Regarding links to be placed on our website, please understand that the University will not set up and list on our website, any of links that are NOT related to our University, in principle.


It is prohibited to use the web contents, such as documents and image data, on copyrighted pages without permission.


The Website Administration Subcommittee e-mail: cl-planpr@u-aizu.ac.jp

#1 The University of Aizu Website Administration Subcommittee is an operational group, commissioned to manage and administer the University of Aizu web pages on commission from the University of Aizu Public Relations and Publications Committee. The Subcommittee is organized of University of Aizu faculty and administrative staff.